Eyebrow loss which often occurs due to a condition commonly known as alopecia, which leads to excess eyebrow hair loss on the scalp and the face. Alopecia eyebrow loss happens whenever the body's immune systems attack individual, separate hair glands, destroying them in the process. This leads to the retardation of hair growth. If you're looking for something to regrow your eyebrows we suggest, eyebrow regrowth serum.

Even though your eyebrows are less susceptible to eyebrow loss when compared to your scalp, they are not immune from the condition. If you already have alopecia, then you should avoid over-plucking your eyebrows so that they do not become sparse. The same goes for waxing and obsessively pulling your eyebrow hairs, a bad habit a lot of us subconsciously develop. But don’t worry there are so many certain ways to grow back your loosened brows.

1.      Exercise

An excellent way to reduce alopecia eyebrow loss is to reduce your everyday stress through exercise, meditation, and deep breathing techniques. Eyebrow restoration can be hampered by increased stress on your body. Increased stress creates a hormonal imbalance in your system which prevents eyebrow restoration. By keeping your stress under control, you will be able to return your hormones to normal which will, in turn, help you grow longer eyebrows.

exercising benefits for eyebrows

2.      Consume a balanced diet

Try to consume a well-balanced diet which includes all of the essential food items which are right for you such as dairy, whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. You need to have the proper nutrition to maintain good eyebrows without the danger of eyebrow loss due to alopecia or any other illness. Zinc and proteins are also right nutrients which help in healthy hair and brow growth, which means you can use them to encourage restoration as well.

diet for eyebrow growth

3.      Know the symptoms of eyebrow hair loss

Losing eyebrow hair is a cause of significant concern, especially if it comes with other health issues also. However, finding out the symptoms before it occurs is something which is rarely possible. The only possible sign that you can observe is the loss of hair on your scalp. If hair loss starts happening on your scalp, it is also likely to form a circular bald-patch, usually the size of a nickel. Read more about the reasons why are you losing eyebrows.

reasons of eyebrow falling


Eyebrow restoration is not something you can do overnight, no matter how much you want to. If you are experiencing eyebrow loss because of any other medical condition, you have to be patient and wait for the hair to grow back.

However, there are other solutions and brow enhancer options which you can use for eyebrow restoration and shaping. A good eyebrow thickening serum can help you create eyebrows of any shape of your choice while your natural eyebrows grow back.

One of those eyebrow growth serums that work is the NourishBrow Eyebrow Thickening Serum. NourishBrow has been scientifically proven to be effective in growing thicker and darker eyebrows. It works with the power of ingredients such as Cellulose Gum, Water, Biotin, Calcium Panthenonate, and Myristoyl Hexapeptide-17.

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