5 home remedies for thicker eyebrows

5 home remedies for thicker eyebrows

How to Get Thicker Eyebrows DIY

Do you know that there are certain home remedies you can rely on to grow better eyebrows? With the current trend of thick, full, and bold eyebrows, we believe no one wants to be left behind. This is why we have gathered information on certain natural substances you can rely on to grow your eyebrows from the comfort of your home. Eyebrow enhancing serums contain ingredients such as biotin, lipids, peptides, and fatty acids which helps to keep the eyebrows strong, and moisturized, as well as facilitating the growth of healthier eyebrow hairs. 

Home remedies thick eyebrows

Here, we are going to look at 5 home remedies that you can rely on to grow your eyebrows hairs to look full, thick and bold. Who knows, after reading this article, you might as well start your journey to achieving the brows of your dreams.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the natural home remedies that can promote the growth of string and healthy eyebrows hair. Olive oil which is rich in vitamin E and oleic acids helps to moisturize and condition the eyebrow to grow stronger. More so, they help to activate the capillaries to function properly, and when the capillaries are activated, blood circulation to the eyebrow hair follicles is improved. And this helps to grow out more hairs on our eyebrows.

olive oil for thicker eyebrows


Onion Juice

Onion juice is another natural home remedy that can help to facilitate the growth of healthy hairs in the body. Not only are onions part of a healthy diet, but they are also good antioxidants, they help to reduce inflammation in the body, and thus makes hem great at facilitating hair growth when they are applied on the eyebrow hair follicles. Applying onion juice on the eyebrows before going to bed can activate eyebrow hair growth within 4 – 8 weeks.

onion juice for thicker eyebrows



Not too many people know that milk can stimulate hair growth when applied on the eyebrows. Milk is a great source of protein and other nutritional supplements that help to facilitate hair growth in our body. Taking some milk and dabbing it on the eyebrows regularly can activate hair growth as they help to supply the needed protein to the brow follicles.

Milk for thicker eyebrows 

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is yet another home remedy that works well in stimulating the growth of hairs on our eyebrows. Lemon juice is a rich source of vitamin C, and it helps to facilitate the growth of healthy hairs when applied on the eyebrows.

lemon juice foe thicker eyebrows


Fenugreek seed

Finally, fenugreek seed is another home remedy that helps in growing the eyebrow hair naturally. Fenugreek seed is rich sources of protein and vitamin B supplements. Applying fenugreek seed extract on the eyebrows can activate hair growth to a large extent.

 Fenugreek seed for thicker eyebrows


In conclusion, along with these natural home remedies, it is also important to feed on healthy diets as that will also help your eyebrow hairs grow out. Similarly, you can also rely on a serum for eyebrows to grow out your brows if you are not patient enough with these home remedies.

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