Why Are You Losing Your Eyebrows?

Why Are You Losing Your Eyebrows?


Most people don’t immediately think about their eyebrow hairs when talking about issues related to hair loss, but this can turn out to be a real problem.Eyebrow hair loss can be very distressing, and it is an issue capable of affecting anyone.

Little wonder people tend to get agitated and upset whenever their eyebrow hairs fall out.also, we should not forget that anxiety and stress can worsen the condition of the hair and especially the eyebrows. After all, just by framing our eyes, eyebrows help to enhance the natural shape and figure of our entire face!

why are you losing brows?

So what exactly causes our eyebrow hairs to fall out?

This question does not have a very straightforward answer because, apart from ageing, and other common natural issues, several medical conditions may also contribute. 

The reason(s) for your loss could range from nutrient deficiencies, and infections, to lifestyle issues. But getting an eyebrow growth serum can be a very beneficial and safe method of replacing lost eyebrow hairs.

Although there is a frequently recurring theme;

why are you losing brows? 

Our eyebrows are extremely sensitive to changes that occur within our bodies, and the simple fact is that their loss might be an early indication that something is wrong with an organ or a system inside our bodies.

Sometimes, in an attempt to save more vital organs, our bodies will expel a few eyebrow hairs, and while this is not good for your overall beauty, and cosmetic appearance, it might be in your best interest in the long run.

So, bearing the above information in mind, we will now discuss some common diseases and conditions which may lead to our eyebrow hairs falling out.

Some Common Triggers For Eyebrow Hair Loss:

Just like the hairs anywhere else on our bodies, our eyebrow hairs can be potentially affected by the exact the same things.

The very same factors – natural and environmental - that cause thinning of our scalp hairs could just as well, affect our eyebrow hairs.

Poor nutrition intake can cause thinning of existing hairs and sparse eyebrow hair growth. Lack of vitamins or proteins, especially iron is a common dietary factor.  

Cosmetic eyebrow shaping done excessively is another major factor that can lead to permanent hair loss; with over-tweezing being the principal cause of cosmetic eyebrow hair loss.  

Plucking the same eyebrow hairs invariably will eventually lead to damaged and weakened hair follicles which will ultimately prevent new hair growth.

why are you losing brows? 

Excessive application of make-up can also have adverse effects on eyebrow hair growth. The harsh rubbing at the end of the day while trying to remove thick layers of make-up debris, if repeated over prolonged periods, will surely have a detrimental effect on your eyebrow hairs.

Our hairs will thin out naturally, as we age. Hence we can sometimes attribute eyebrow hair loss to the ageing process. In some cases, these changes can be more pronounced among our eyebrow hairs compared to our scalp hairs.

Common Treatments For Eyebrow Hair Loss

Identifying the cause of your current hairy situation – or lack of - and then reversing that trend, is crucial to growing your eyebrows back.

Some of these hair growth solutions may take time while others are quick fixes.

If you wish to ensure that you are in the best position to get the best eyebrow hair growth possible, here are some basics for you to cover;

First, ensure that you consume a well-balanced diet - containing sufficient calories and nutrients – daily; this is very important because non-essential functions like hair growth will shut down immediately our bodies detect that there is not enough nutrition to go around.

Before considering any form of treatment, getting a medical exam from your doctor would be an excellent idea. If you discover any underlying medical causes, any attempts to grow longer eyebrow will be unsuccessful. Therefore, this factor should be ruled out first.

An eyebrow growth serum that contains natural ingredients like biotin and peptides, which help to stimulate fresh hair growth and also enhance the appearance of existing eyebrow hairs.



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