Eyebrow Growth Serum

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    Transform your eyebrows into a picture of health and vitality with NourishBrow Eyebrow Growth Serum. Specially formulated for those struggling with overplucked, thinning, or aging brows, this eyebrow enhancing serum offers a safe and cost-effective alternative to microblading and complex makeup routines. NourishBrow delivers essential nutrients to each hair, fostering regrowth and conditioning for thicker, fuller, and healthier brows.

    NourishBrow stands out as a superior choice for eyebrow regrowth. Its unique blend of nourishing, potent ingredients is designed to redefine and rejuvenate your eyebrows. The serum aids in restoring your natural brows to a state of glamorous thickness.

    The power of NourishBrow lies in its exceptional formula, packed with key ingredients to rejuvenate your brows. It includes red clover (a grape stem cell for brow protection), Panthenol (Vitamin B), Green tea extract (antioxidant), Biotin (for healthy skin), Calcium Pantothenate (for conditioning), and a peptide complex to bolster eyebrow strength. Some customers start to see results within just three weeks of use.

    NourishBrow eyebrow growth serum is dedicated to help producing full, lustrous brows that express your boldness. It effectively nourishes and conditions, targeting short, sparse, and thinning brows. The premium ingredients in NourishBrow work directly on the follicles, fortifying brow hairs against breakage for a fuller, more defined look. With its nutrient-rich antioxidants, anti-aging botanical stem cells, and bioactive peptides, NourishBrow offers proven brow-enhancing benefits and customer reviews echo the remarkable results visible in as little as two weeks, making NourishBrow a top choice for achieving your dream brows.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 146 reviews
    John Ornelas
    It works!

    I did not have great eyebrows as a young guy. My dad had thin eyebrows and as I grew older, the eyebrows were gone☹️
    No one made fun of me but I felt embarrassed when I pointed them out when I brought it up 😵‍💫
    Then, one day, I searched and ordered Nourishbrow.
    Best investment I’ve made. My eyebrows grew back. The eyebrows aren’t thick but now I can see healthy growth.
    Now, I can do “The Rock” Eyebrow look and see…eyebrow 🥳

    Serum Product Works

    I have a section of one eyebrow that I haven't seen new growth in forever. I have been using the serum for a few weeks and already see results!

    Works with time

    I’ve used Nourish Brow for 2 years and it does work. Use it every night and be patient. It does take time. You are still going to have to use an eyebrow pencil or powdered filler but you will have less to fill in!

    Kay Gibaldi
    Nourish brow

    I just finished chemotherapy and completely lost the eyebrows on my right eye and most of them on my left. I was very skeptical about trying a product but felt I had no option but to try it was only two weeks into the treatment and I did at night and morning And I already have my eyebrows back and they look great. I’m still putting it on. I’m going to do that and give it at least six months to see if it gets more but I am extremely happy with the product.

    Diane Gilbert

    Not sure I I see any results yet. Not sure how long it as supposed to take

    Brow Help

    It hasn’t been a month, and I notice a difference- great!!

    Catherine C Farrow
    A great product that has helped my brow hair grow.

    This growth has been stubborn, but this product appears to have stimulated growth.

    Eleonor Herman
    Gentle on skin

    I like the feeling after applying the serum. My sensitive skin is loving it so far. As for full results maybe give it some time as I honestly kept forgetting on applying it every night. I just started applying it religiously at bedtime for the past 3 days now. Hopefully will be seeing results like everyone does. Will update soon.

    Maryann E Van Haeren

    I do see a difference in the thickness!

    I Manning
    Great product

    Usually a product will claim to do something but then after you've tried it awhile you get no results. I've used Nourishbrow for about two months and can definitely see new hair growth in the "tail " area of my brows where I had no hair at all. I love the product because it's easy to use, it's gentle on the skin and definitely seems to work. I just purchased a multipack and will keep on using it.

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