4 ways to grow back your eyebrow quickly

4 ways to grow back your eyebrow quickly

Are you tired of your thinning brows and interested in thickening them up? You have just stumbled across the right article that will help you do so.  There is hope for you if you are already frustrated with the scanty, short, and thinning hairs on your eyebrow.

This article is going to walk you through 4 simple ways through which you can grow back your eyebrows quickly. But before diving into these simple steps, let take a glimpse of some of the reasons why your eyebrows go thin and fall out.


Why eyebrows thin and fall out

There could be a lot of reasons behind your eyebrows becoming thin and eventually falling out. Eyebrows can fall out due to illness, stress, poor diet, medication, and other environmental factors.  Whatever the reason, the good news is, you can grow back your eyebrows quickly by applying some of the treatments we are about to discuss below.

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Stop plucking your brows

The first thing you need to do if you are serious about growing back your eyebrows quickly is to stop plucking them out. You need to stop doing the damage yourself by putting a stop to all processes that might cause the hairs on your brows to fall out such as; trimming, waxing, tweezing and the likes.


Eat rightly

Just like every other part of the body depends on the food we eat to source energy to function, so do the hair follicles in the body requires nutrients such as vitamins and protein to grow healthy. If you really want to grow your eyebrows quickly, you will need to feed regularly on diets that are enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Calcium, and biotin which are essential substances that can stimulate the growth of hairs in the body.



Exfoliating is another simple means through which you can stimulate the brows to grow quicker. Exfoliating involves regularly rubbing the hairs on your eyebrows to get rid of dirt, dead hairs, and skin with the tip of your fingertip or a baby toothbrush. This process is very helpful as it aids the circulation of blood and air around the hairs above your eyelids, this goes a large extent in facilitating hair growth.


Invest in a top serum for eyebrows

Finally, you can quicken eyebrow growth by investing your time and money to purchase a top eyebrow growth serum that has all the essential ingredients that are needed by the hair follicles to grow beyond limitation.

eyebrow grotwh serum

Top eyebrow serums that work are packed with ingredients such as green tea extract, grapes, biotin and many other natural extracts which aids the healthy growth of hairs around the eyebrow. For instance, Biotin which is a major substance found in most top eyebrow conditioners helps in stimulating the production of more keratin cells in the body, and this contributes immensely in growing stronger and thicker brows.


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