5 things that stimulate hair growth

«Eyebrow Hair Growth Serum»

If you are experiencing hair loss or suffer from sparsity of eyebrows which make your eyebrows look so empty and scanty, there are various things you can do to salvage this situation.  Although, eyebrows have their own growth circle, and do not grow as quickly as we want. Whatever the case, there are various ways we can stimulate the growth of hairs on our eyebrows.

Here, we are going to look at 5 easy tips you can rely on to stimulate the growth of hairs in your body, making your eyebrows hairs grow out quicker.

Regular massage

Massaging the hair follicles on the eyebrow can help stimulate the growth of hairs to a large extent. Massage helps to improve blood and air circulation to the root bulb of hairs in the eyebrow serum. More so, regular gentle massage can be helpful in removing dead hairs, thereby creating the space for the growth of newer hairs. 

Avoid wearing Makeup for too long

Wearing makeups for eyebrow too long is not good for the hair on our eyebrows. Anybody who wants to grow their brow should not wear makeup to sleep. Makeup tends to clog the pores in the hair follicles preventing them from receiving oxygen that is essential for hair growth. Hence, if you are serious about growing your hairs, you need to stop wearing excessive makeup on the eyebrows for a long period.

Remove dirt regularly

More so, forming a habit of regularly removing dirt particles from the hair follicles is very important for stimulating hair growth. When there are too much dirt particles on the eyebrows, they tend to prevent oxygen from getting to the root hairs. Forming the habit of constantly removing dirt with a spoolie or soft eyebrow brush is good for hair growth

Use home remedies if you can

Also, there are natural substances that can aid hair growth in a great way. Natural oil such as; castor oil, lavender oil, almond seed extract, and onion juice are all enriched with essential ingredients that help to facilitate eyebrow hair growth serum. Applying these substances in your eyebrows regularly can facilitate the growth of hairs in the eyebrow hair follicles. Moreover, oils help in conditioning the hair follicles preventing them from dryness, as well as breakage.