Natural Eyebrows

Natural Eyebrows

«How to Manage Natural Eyebrows at Home ?»

Wearing your natural eyebrow look has become fashionable and is already trending among celebrities and models. A well-framed eyebrow projects the beauty of the other features of your face, but if not groomed or maintained it can also turn out edgy and make you look unattractive.

In this article, we would show you how to wear your natural eyebrow and still look contemporary.

How to Manage Natural Eyebrows at Home

Having a well groomed natural eyebrow does not necessarily require the service of a professional. You can have your natural eyebrows looking neat and groomed all by yourself.

In this article, we will reveal simple ways you can employ to manage your natural eyebrows at home.

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Try Plucking your Eyebrows

To manage your brows yourself, you should determine that you have the right volume of brows to wear a natural brow look. This is because it is essential that your brows are full and thick to achieve a naturally beautiful eyebrow looks.

The next line of action is to determine the shape you desire to create, and then use a set of tweezers to pull the unwanted brow hairs from right to left, following the direction of your hair brow growth.

When plucking your brow hairs, remember not to pluck the hair above your brow line, pluck from the bottom part instead. The reason for this is that plucking from the top distorts the natural frame of your eyebrow which is the ideal frame to give you that coveted look you desire. 

Also, we would like you to know that plucking is easy and painless. It involves picking the brow hairs with the tweezers and pulling them out in the direction of hair growth.

Put some ice cubes or skin moisturizer over your brows to reduce the redness or swelling If your skin is sensitive and feels irritated.

Try Waxing Instead or Plucking Eyebrows

If you are scared and feel that plucking is not for you, then you can try waxing them instead of plucking to make your natural eyebrows appear neat and defined. Waxing is a quicker and easier way to shape your eyebrows, and anyone can do this.

To use this method, you need to buy the wax from a drugstore. Brush your brow hairs downwards using a spoolie brush (mascara-like brush), and then apply it at the places you want to shape off, including the middle of your brows, using the applicator provided by the seller. The wax becomes solid on your skin just like a tape; then pull it off.

This method is super-easy and helps you remove thinner hairs that you may not to see if using a pair of tweezers and a mirror. However, if there are still stray hairs that did not go with the wax, you may need tweezers to pull it off or repeat the process.

If you have decided to settle for this method, it is important to note that waxing is better for those with thick or dark brows.

Brush and Trim your Eyebrows into Shape

This method is also simple and easy. Brush and sweep your brows into place by brushing up and out, into your desired shape away from the center of your face to the edge of your eyes using a mascara like a type of brush.

The next step is to utilize small scissors to trim off longer eyebrows or any hairs that stick up above the brow line to achieve a more uniformed look. However, this method only works for trimming hairs above the brow line.

Please note that this method is better applied in combination with any of the methods mentioned above, and is also useful for those who grow brows in a scattered manner with longer brows straying out at different points.

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Apply an Eyebrow Serum to Maintain your Brow Shape and Thickness

From the points above, you would have seen that natural brows work better for those with full and thick brows, as this should not be a problem because you can apply an eyebrow serum. Brow serum are design to transform sparse brows by acting as an eyebrow enhancer to give you the coveted look of thick, dark and defined brows

Also, if your brows are suffering from overplucking or you have lost your natural brow shape you can also restore its natural shape by applying an eyebrow growth serum to condition your brows and rejuvenate them for a more youthful look.



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