Growth Longer Eyebrow

Growth Longer Eyebrow

«Reasons To Use An Eyebrow Serum ?»

5 reason why a top brows serum is the answer to all your brows problems

Hey! Let’s get this straight. You just finished watching some of the popular TV shows, and have witnessed how your favorite celebrities wow their audience and followers with a nicely curved, thick, gorgeous, and elegant eyebrows. Now you are thinking of how you can get your eyebrows thickened up just like that of your celebrity crush. Although is not going to be easy, but the good news is, you too can grow such nicely curved, thick, and gorgeous eyebrows with a top serum for eyebrows.

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Here, we are going to look at some of the reasons why a top serum for eyebrows is the answer to all your brow problem.

Grow your brows beyond their limitation

Top serums for eyebrow have a way of growing you a thick, strong, and nicely curved brows just like magic. They are formulated with certain natural nutrients that make them effective in stimulating hair growth in the body. Just like your normal diets, eyebrows growth enhancers contains vitamins and proteins which are very effective in activating some growth hormones in the body to function actively and grow your brows beyond their limitations.

Go confidently with stronger brows

Apart from just growing your brows. A top eyebrow serum will work effectively in giving your hair follicles the required strength and protection they desire. Most people who suffer from eyebrow hair loss are actually suffering from certain nutritional deficiencies, and a top eyebrow serum contains all the nutrients needed to feed your eyebrows with the right vitamins they want for proper growth.

For example, Biotin a major substance found in most top brows serums helps in the production of more keratin cells, and keratin functions well in making the eyebrows stronger and healthier.

Keep your hair moisturized all day

A top brow grow product will keep the hairs on your eyebrows conditioned and moisturized all day long, and this creates the foundation for further hair growth. Top serums for hair growth contains lipids which help in moisturizing and condition the eyebrows all day long.

Fragrance and odor free

Most non- top eyebrows growth serums on the market contain fragrances, oil, and dyes. And this substance apart from having certain side effects tends to create an unwanted smell in the environment. If you do not want to be a point of attraction, it is advisable you go for a top brow growth serum that is free of fragrances, oil, and dyes as part of their formulating ingredients.

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Users health

It is certainly not a good idea to be the architect of your own damage. Unlike a bad serum for eyebrows, a top serum for eyebrows is formulated with substances that mean no harm to prospective users.

This means that the usage of these products does not attract any side effect. Just like certain brow growth serum contains substances like prostaglandin and gluten which causes various side effects, a top eyebrow serum will combat all your eyebrows problems without any known side effect.

As you proceed to try out certain brow growth products on the market to grow your brows, you need nothing less than a top serum for eyebrows that works. To get some of the best eyebrow serum,

5 ways to fix badly broken eyebrows

Did you mistakenly or by a slip shaved off your eyebrows and now you don’t know what else to do with it?  Having a bad or broken eyebrow can be disturbing and can make ones facial looks a bit difficult. If you are looking for a way to fix back your broken eyebrows, this article got you covered. 

Let's look at five very simple ways to get back your eyebrows and regain your beautiful look;

Choose a brow powder and pencil that is similar to your natural coloring

First, you need to look for and find an eyebrow pencil and powder that is similar to the natural coloring of your eyebrows. Preferably, you can mix eye shadows and brow powders to get the perfect mix that suits you.  Which afterward, you draw gently over your eyeliner.

Use a sharp eyebrow pencil and start drawing hairs in a gentle upwards strokes

Now, after applying the brow powder, you would want to follow the shape you formed using the brow powder and draw short feathering strokes that look like real hair. And this will look more natural if you draw your brows in many layers of light stroke.


Set your eyebrows

For the browse and drawn stroke to stay longer, you will need to use a lacquer or makeup sealer that will protect your browse from moisture.  To ensure this, simply paint the makeup sealer over your brows and allow it to dry. You can go over it with extra layer if it looks a little shiny.

Stimulate your hair follicles by gently massaging the area.

Massaging your hair follicles is one good way to affect circulation. The human body depends on the essential vitamins and proteins to build hair cells. Massaging your hair cells is one good way to stimulate blood flow to your brows, and this ensures your hair cells get what they need. You can start by massaging your brows a few minutes twice a day.

Invest in an eyebrow or hair growth serum to speed up the process

Eyebrows grow in a three to four-month cycle. Some regrowth may occur immediately due to hairs that were about to emerge before you shaved them off. Still yet, it may take many months before your brows fully grow back. Hence, there is a need to invest in best eyebrow growth serums that can help you grow longer eyebrows.

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Ordinarily, eyebrows grow serum is one of the most trusted and reliable ways to fix a bad or  broken eyebrow, and top eyebrows grow serums contains ingredients such as;  Myristoyl Pentapeptide which helps brows look fuller and thicker, and Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit extract which helps in shieling  eyebrows follicles from the brows destructive hormone.

In conclusion, it is essential to know that most brows serums must be applied daily for at least a month before reasonable results can be seen.  And most importantly, you also need to avoid a bad serum for eyebrows as there are many products out there.  To get the best eyebrow serum that is perfectly good for your brows,

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