Brow Growth Serum

Brow Growth Serum


Do you want to grow your brow? The brow is important of features of your face that adds an irresistible beauty to you.

 So, in this article, we are going to explain four techniques necessary to have an astonishing full grown brow, whether you have sparse brow or you don't have at all, with these techniques when followed will fetch you an admiring eyebrow. so don't be frustrateed or stressed or anxious.

 Just know that it is an easy approach or techniques, so it won't be hard for you to get a professionally styled brow within some weeks.

Allow your brow to grow in!

One of the techniques you should follow is allowing your brow to grow in. In these techniques, you should allow your brow to grow for at least 6 weeks.  Avoid over plucking of your eyebrow, this is one the mistakes people do over time.

       Allowing it to grow for some weeks without plucking or shaving will allow you to know the type of shape your brow is inclined to, and enable work on it to the best style you ever needed. There is nothing more admiring like perfectly shaping your brow that it grows naturally.

   To keep a perfect shaped eyebrow, it should be in harmony with your inner and outer corners of the eyes.

 How can you attain this desire?

Uses of thin makeup brush handle can help you on this. For you see clearly where you grow hair, use brush handles to create an excellent imaginary line and mark it with a pencil at each corner.  Though, with time you will definitely get used to it.

 Strategically, Tweeze the hair nearest to the eyelid

 So, after six weeks, you must congratulate yourself because you have conquered the most difficult part of the techniques.

 This is the secret, when you left the hair to grow without shaving or plucking, the hairs that normal not growing nearer to the brow line will definitely start to grow.

    You may notice the shape of the formal hairline and the one you just grew, but with time it definitely fills in. The need to tweeze the hair nearest to the eyelid is to stimulate the growth or to promote the growth of hairs along the normal brow line.

Promote the growth with an eyebrow growth serum

It depends on the individual on time frame you want to achieve your desire. To enhance brow growth, you need to invest in brow growth serum.

  There is one excellent eyebrow growth serum that does not contain prostaglandin or hormonal ingredients but has group of peptide and other ingredients that enhance brow growth in the shortest period.

 best eyebrow serum

   This product is NourishBrow. It has group of ingredients that flourish and enhance the growth of brow without any side effect.

Often check the direction of which your brow hairline grow.

When you have achieved the desired hairline, you need to monitor its growth so that it won't go off the natural line or your desired hairline.

   You should understand that it might take a full year for the new hairline to grow in your desired direction. It is not actually the time that matter most but achieving your aim of full brow hairline of your desire style and direction.

Visit www.nourishbrow.comto get your brow serum.

  Can Almond Oil Grow Eyebrows?

Although the pencil eyebrow trend of the ’90s ended a while back, getting to grow longer eyebrows can be a major challenge.

Perhaps you have been searching for tricks and tips; you would surely have come across methods of using natural oils like coconut oil and castor oil.

However, there is an even safer and efficient natural oil remedy which can act as a brow enhancer.

Almond Oil!

While other oils such as olive oil and castor oil work hair growth wonder for some women, it can cause irritation, rash, and itchiness for a few other women which lead to the exact opposite effect of hair loss.

While these few cases are rare and hard to come by, you must be made aware of other safer natural remedies you can use to enhance your forehead caterpillars.


What most women do not know is that almond oil is just as effective as castor or coconut oil when it comes to moisturizing eyebrow hairs.

Upon closer inspection, you will discover a few eyebrow growth products are made up of almond oil and lavender (amongst other ingredients)

Lavender is best suited for hydrating and soothing our skin while almond oil stimulates the follicles to grow longer eyebrows.

You can even prepare your formula of eyebrow enhancer cocktail – make sure that you consult with a licensed dermatologist beforehand to ensure that you are not doing more harm than good to your eyebrows.

How Does Almond Oil Stimulate Eyebrow Growth?

Almond Oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Asides from being incredibly effective for hair growth, almond oil has got different health benefits such as; improving memory and maintaining healthy levels of body cholesterol.

Almond oil can also help you lower the risk of contracting illnesses like heart disease and cancer.

Almond oil also has skin softening properties, allowing for efficient growth and development of eyebrow hair growth.

Almond oil will leave you with silky smooth skin and hairs. Soft to touch and smelling delicious.

Application of almond oil can be made in the same manner as coconut oil and castor oil. Massage into the eyebrow areas with your fingertips or a cotton swab.  

Regular application will leave your eyebrows feeling extraordinarily smooth, soft and volumized.

If your regular eyebrow enhancer is lacking in vitamin E, you can add a generous amount of almond oil to it as it is very rich in vitamin E.

You will be better positioned to notice almost immediate improvements because of how hydrating and soothing almond oil is.

However, if you are allergic to almonds, we have a few other natural recommendations for you to try;

Other Natural Alternatives for Eyebrow Growth.

  • Milk – The nutrients, vitamins, and minerals contained in milk make It a powerful tool when it comes to eyebrow boosters. The vitamins that can be found in milk include vitamins A, E, C and K.

Vitamin E is essential for hair growth, while vitamin K is vital for healthy follicles and stronger bones. These two vitamins are crucial additions to your eyebrow hairs.

brow growth

Massage into your eyebrows (with fingertips or cotton swabs) and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  • Aloe Vera – Smooth, cooling, soft and natural Aloe Vera is an excellent alternative brow enhancer especially if you have oily skin.

Aloe Vera stimulates hair growth by increasing the size of your hair follicles.

Just ensure that your face is cleaned before application. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse off the face. Constant application for about 4-6 weeks will leave your eyebrows looking great.

Your eyes are precious, and you should be careful of what you apply around them. To order for your dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and approved eyebrow serum, visit

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