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    Transform your eyebrows into a picture of health and vitality with NourishBrow Eyebrow Growth Serum. Specially formulated for those struggling with overplucked, thinning, or aging brows, this eyebrow enhancing serum offers a safe and cost-effective alternative to microblading and complex makeup routines. NourishBrow delivers essential nutrients to each hair, fostering regrowth and conditioning for thicker, fuller, and healthier brows.

    NourishBrow stands out as a superior choice for eyebrow regrowth. Its unique blend of nourishing, potent ingredients is designed to redefine and rejuvenate your eyebrows. The serum aids in restoring your natural brows to a state of glamorous thickness.

    The power of NourishBrow lies in its exceptional formula, packed with key ingredients to rejuvenate your brows. It includes red clover (a grape stem cell for brow protection), Panthenol (Vitamin B), Green tea extract (antioxidant), Biotin (for healthy skin), Calcium Pantothenate (for conditioning), and a peptide complex to bolster eyebrow strength. Some customers start to see results within just three weeks of use.

    NourishBrow eyebrow growth serum is dedicated to help producing full, lustrous brows that express your boldness. It effectively nourishes and conditions, targeting short, sparse, and thinning brows. The premium ingredients in NourishBrow work directly on the follicles, fortifying brow hairs against breakage for a fuller, more defined look. With its nutrient-rich antioxidants, anti-aging botanical stem cells, and bioactive peptides, NourishBrow offers proven brow-enhancing benefits and customer reviews echo the remarkable results visible in as little as two weeks, making NourishBrow a top choice for achieving your dream brows.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 123 reviews
    Tina Ayers

    I was seriously skeptical, but I decided I would try it because it had a money back guarantee. I wish I had taken before pics, because when I say it worked, it did! I had gaps from over waxing for years. Within 2 weeks I noticed new hair growth, and honestly, I forget to even use it a couple of nights. For those wondering, I didn’t have to continually use it either. What grew in, stayed. It works!

    Leslie MacDonald
    IT WORKS!!

    I see new hair where there has not been any for 40 years. I am thrilled that my thinned-out brows have been given a second chance.
    Thank you!!

    Susan Ricks
    Great serum

    I have thin sparse eyebrows and this serum is working wonders! My eyebrows are filling in.

    penny mcconnel
    new customer

    So far so good, I am not yet sporting bushy grey eyebrows on my 84 year old face, but I feel confident. It is only the third week Stay tuned.

    JoAnn DePetro
    Too soon to know if it’s working

    Hopeful to see results soon

    Happy customer

    The only reason I tried this product was because I was guaranteed my money back if I was dissatisfied with its results . I full intended to try this for 60 days and return for a refund, but I’m happier to say my brows are now fuller without microblading or tattooing or having to wear makeup. I’m very happy I made rhis purchase and wish there was a place to attach a photo to see the difference. It truly works.

    Oh my - this really works!

    Both of my eyebrows have bald spots. It looks like I have two eyebrows on each side. It is awful! I googled best eyebrow growing products and came across NourishBrow Eyebrow Growth Serum. I was skeptical when I found out it was only sold on their website, however I read all the reviews and thought I would give it a try. I got a sweet deal on three tubes! I used a toothbrush to help exfoliate the eyebrow as recommended. I applied what I thought was a thick layer of serum on my eyebrows for four nights. On day five I actually saw fuzz! Not a whole lot but enough that it would hold the brow drama shaping chalk which helps define the eyebrow. After two weeks the spaces were really filling in. It has been three weeks now, and I no longer have bald spaces. I am amazed at how well this product works and how simple it is to use. I still need the chalk because I have such light hair, but at least it has something to cling to. Eyebrows!

    So Quick!

    I've been using the serum for four nights and this morning I noticed regrowth beginning in the bald spot located in the thickest area of my left eyebrow. I have 5 new hairs regrowing in that sparse area. I'm elated and can't wait for them to grow and fill in that area! Very suddenly my brows lost shape and started thinning. This product is amazing and worked quickly for me!

    Pleasant Surprise

    I was very skeptical that this would work… but it honestly does. It took probably 3 months of applying it almost every night to start to see results, and now after ~5 months my eyebrows look better than they have in years (thanks a lot, early 00s over-plucking). The website looks sketchy to the point that I almost didn’t order, so if the company is actually reading this, do yourself a favor and modernize your branding to reflect the quality of your product!

    AMAZING !!

    honestly where has this been my whole life. i have a habit of picking out my eyebrows, ive always loved my eyebrows and havent seen them since i was about 7 so after using this serum they have grown so much, i highly recommend this !!

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