Eyebrow hair loss

Causes of Sparse Eyebrows And the Best Ways to Prevent Them

Have you ever experienced the loss of eyebrow hairs?  Or perhaps your eyebrows hairs keep falling off and now you have a bald region on the hairs over your eyelids. There can be some major root causes of this problem. Learn about them in this article and possibly how to treat or prevent them.

Causes eyebrow hair loss

Causes of eyebrow hair loss or sparsity of eyebrow

First, let discuss some of the root causes of eyebrow hair loss and subsequently, possible means to prevent or treat them.

Nutritional deficiencies

The human body requires nutrients to provide both energy and other nutrients needed to carry out activities both inside and outside the human system. Availability of minerals such as; carbohydrates, protein, Amino acids, Vitamins, etc. influences and sustains hair growth.

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So, a deficiency in most of this primary minerals and nutrients needed to stimulate hair growth can lead to loss of eyebrows hair in the hair follicles above the eyelids.

Thyroid issue

A common cause of eyebrow hair loss is Thyroid disease. Thyroid gland function in a way to produce hormones that regulates metabolism. When the thyroid glands slow down or accelerate the rate of metabolism in the body by producing too little or too many hormones, the body falls out of equilibrium, this can affect some normal processes which hair growth is inclusive.

Stress and anxiety

In as much as this may sound a bit surprising, the truth is, excessive stress and anxiety contribute to the loss of eyebrow hairs which leads to the sparsity of eyebrows. Extreme stress and anxiety tend to stimulate a lot of physiological changes in the body, which include fluctuating hormones and reduce oxygen to the hair follicles, and thus contribute to the loss of hair in the eyebrows.So pay special attention to this issue.


Stress and anxiety


Both men and women experience a lot of changes as they get older, this includes the thinning of hairs and other physiological changes. As the level of testosterone in men and estrogen in women keep dwindling, most growth processes that are dependent on these hormones keep slowing down also

Best ways to prevent eyebrow hair-loss

There are a variety of ways one can avoid the loss of hairs in the eyebrows;

First, you will need to eat a lot of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables that contain nutrients that are capable of stimulating the hormones that are responsible for hair growth.

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Secondly, you may need to find a way to reduce stress and anxiety. You can probably make out time for massage, yoga or meditation

Lastly, there are varieties of brow growth serum out there that are capable of growing you a thicker and stronger eyelash that are less susceptible to fall off or breakage. For instance, most eyebrow booster are formulated with ingredients such as; Calcium Panthothenate, which Strengthens brows follicles and activate brows cells by feeding them with the needed vitamins.

Not only would a top eyebrow serum help solve your hair loss problem, but it will also grow you nicely layout, groomed, and stronger eyebrow hairs. To learn more about best brow serum that is suitable to grow you stronger eyebrows hair.

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Irrespective of the causes or reasons for eyebrow hair loss, it could be a traumatic experience for women who suffer from it. In some situations, the cause of eyebrows hair loss can be solved by using eyebrow transplants or a top-rated eyebrow growth serum. The loss of eyebrows hairs does not have to be permanent. Undergoing an eyebrow transplant or using the best eyebrow serum, can restore a sense of confidence and boost the self-esteem of a woman who has lost their attractive eyebrows, whether entirely or partially. 

· Common Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Below are some of the reasons while you are experiencing severe eyebrow hair loss:

1. Physical Trauma

Physical trauma is the leading cause of loss of eyebrow hair. The disturbance may have been caused by injuries gotten from a car or work-related accident. Chemical, thermal as well as electrical burns are also common forms of physical trauma resulting in the loss of eyebrow hair.

2. Over-Plucked Eyebrows

The over plucking of eyebrows can also be one of the causes. When performed in moderation, the plucking of your eyebrows could also be essential for specific cosmetic purposes. But, some individuals have performed it in excess, and the result of it is hair loss. Over plucking can also cause a person to suffer from irritations, scratches, and eye infections.

3. Trichotillomania

Although less common, trichotillomania can also lead to the loss of eyebrows. Trichotillomania is the self-inflicted eyebrow hair removal. It is an illness which is related to Fanatical Compulsive Disorder. Commonly known as a nervous tic, in this scenario, people are impulsively plucking or pulling out their eyebrows. However, this can also occur on the head and eyebrows.

4. Chemotherapy or Radiation

Specific medical treatments, like chemotherapy or radiation, can cause an individual to lose their eyebrows, as well as hair located in other regions of the body. Typically, once these treatments ceased, the hair will be able to regroup on its own. But, medical assistance might be needed in certain instances.

5. Simple Genetics

Finally, in most circumstances, simple genetics can also be a cause of eyebrow hair depletion. The depletion of one's eyebrows could also make the brows to appear patchy. In the case of genetics being the primary cause of eyebrow hair loss problem, then a proper eyebrow transplant will be the perfect solution for solving the problem.

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· Conclusion

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